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Anglo American

  • Founded in 1882 and Handmade in England for over 120 years
  • All frames are light, durable, and comfortable to wear
  • Comprised of cellulose acetate, making the frames hypo-allergenic as opposed to petroleum based plastic that can cause skin irritation and have a tendency to crack easily
  • Metal frames are manufactured with different alloys such as nickel, stainless steel, titanium, and copper
  • Frames can be found in Retro styles, Classic styles, and Sunglasses which come ophthalmic ready

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  • Here is Charlie Alter wearing his Anglo American Model 288 that he purchased at Franklin Park Vision!

Charlie Alter - Anglo American


  • Made in Germany
  • Exemplifies creative style based on local tradition and technical perfection
  • Expressive design, fine working of acetate and stainless steel, colors becoming the style, and absolute reliability!
  • Extensive product line is designed to provide the opportunity to all with a love of the extraordinary to see the world with their own eyes – and the right eyewear with which to do the seeing!
  • Collection includes Acetate; Stainless Steel; Halfeyes

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